God of the Hanged

A powerful post by John T Mainer:


As a person who was once prone to suicidal ideation insofar as I’ve attempted to hang myself twice (albeit, badly) and survived, I can relate to this post on several levels.

Hanging yourself is a desperate way to die, and unfortunately, I’ve learned firsthand how desperate the noose can feel.

But it was not until I experienced a structured ordeal in 2013 that brought me as close to the edge of the experience of death by hanging (without the involuntary transformation of death) that I realized the true measure of terror in a death by hanging.

Shit-breeks, indeed…as one’s body revolts in customary ways.

But three times’ a charm, as they say…and therein lies the reasons I’d never wish to venture there again.

Don’t want to push my luck.


(digital artwork: i_was_hanging_from_a_tree by Jects)


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